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December 8, 2015 @ 10:07 pm

Major League Baseball’s Scorching Hot Stove

Tri-State of Mind Baseball is back because the Hot Stove has gotten too hot to tolerate. Jason and Andy open by discussing the madness on the free agent market that is Ben Zobrist's contract, which has made this winter an incredibly eventful one. They then discuss the Pirates' offseason moves: nontendering Pedro Alvarez, exploratory trades of Neil Walker and Mark Melancon, and how Pittsburgh fills out its first base void and starting rotation slots. The duo then looks at the Tribe's quiet winter and how the Indians outfield has left a lot for Indians' fans to desire so far, as well as Andy's conspiracy theory that the Indians secretly want Jason Kipnis to be an outfielder. They finish by doing what all fans do best: talk about how to spend someone else's money.

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