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January 30, 2016 @ 11:53 am

Who’s in Right? No, Cowgill’s in Right.

On this week's podcast, the Big Red Machine, Bob Finkbeiner, makes his return to the podcasting world. Andy and Bob first talk about the potential baseball series in London before Andy discusses the Pirates' jersey situation, Jung-ho Kang's rehab, Francisco Cervelli's contract desires wanting to stay in Pittsburgh, and finally, Andy predicts doom for the Pirates after the departure of pitching big-wig Jim Benedict to Miami. Bob then waxes poetic about the Cleveland Indians' 2016 Hall of Fame Class, he talks about Michael Brantley's rehab, Josh Tomlin's contract, and the enigma that is the outfield in Cleveland without Brantley. The duo finishes up answering Tweetmails about how to bring fans who have left the game back.

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January 22, 2016 @ 5:25 pm

Bouncing Baby Boys and Baseball

Andy kicks off today's podcast by announcing he and his wife are expecting a boy, who is sure to be left handed due to exceptional parenting. Then Andy and Jason discuss Rob Manfred announcing the heretical news that the DH may be coming to the National League. Andy then talks about the Pirates news - specifically Antonio Bastardo spurning the Buccos, the Pirates avoiding arbitration, signing Neftali Feliz, waxing poetic about Daniel Bard and Ray Searage Witchcraft, and Gregory Polanco contract talks. Jason then dives into the Indians' offseason - specifically Mike Napoli, the Indians' infield defense, their strength in pitching, and what the club does without Michael Brantley to start the year. This episode isn't sponsored by North Country Brewing's Uncle Ray Searage's Bucco Blonde Ale... but it should be.

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