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September 24, 2014 @ 7:37 pm

Pittsburgh Pirates Playoff Podcast and Champagne Celebrations

The most alliterative title in podcast history is in honor of the Pittsburgh Pirates going to the playoffs for the second consecutive season!

Super Producer turned Super Dad Jason Ruggiero returns to the podcast this week in between diapers to talk baseball with Andy Burdick! The duo open the pod by discussing Frank Wren and the Atlanta Braves situation.  They then transition to playoff baseball in Pittsburgh by looking at the last five games of the season and the Pirates playoff projections.  Andy talks about Gerrit Cole's ace status, champagne celebrations in the clubhouse and the difficulty of pronouncing 'Incmikoski', and an in-depth discussion of the team MVP.  Jason then gets his feet wet discussing the pluses and minuses of the Indians offense, Carlos Santana's on base percentage, Corey Kluber's amazing season, and the future of Cleveland's middle infield.  The duo wrap up the show with a Tweetmail, rehashing an old topic from an old friend.
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