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March 27, 2016 @ 6:58 am

Positional Flexibility, Not Food Flexibility

On this week's podcast, Bob and Andy talk about Rob Refsnyder having the worst 25th birthday ever and the cost-benefit analysis of positional flexibility on the diamond. Andy then discusses the Pirates' lineup construction and Andrew McCutchen's knee, relievers throwing more than one inning in Pittsburgh, the continued excellent performance of Juan Nicasio in Bradenton, the relatively short injury reports out of camp, and he finishes his segment by analyzing the most horrible food concept he has ever heard of: the Cracker Jack Dog. Bob then talks about safety updates at Progressive Field (it's still The Jake) before he discusses Forbes releasing their annual franchise values. He takes a look at how Cleveland's outfield situation is working itself out with Tyler Naquin earning a spot on the roster, Michael Brantley's Opening Day status in question, and Joey Butler getting optioned to Triple-A, before he finishes by analyzing the Tribe's bullpen construction.

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January 22, 2016 @ 5:25 pm

Bouncing Baby Boys and Baseball

Andy kicks off today's podcast by announcing he and his wife are expecting a boy, who is sure to be left handed due to exceptional parenting. Then Andy and Jason discuss Rob Manfred announcing the heretical news that the DH may be coming to the National League. Andy then talks about the Pirates news - specifically Antonio Bastardo spurning the Buccos, the Pirates avoiding arbitration, signing Neftali Feliz, waxing poetic about Daniel Bard and Ray Searage Witchcraft, and Gregory Polanco contract talks. Jason then dives into the Indians' offseason - specifically Mike Napoli, the Indians' infield defense, their strength in pitching, and what the club does without Michael Brantley to start the year. This episode isn't sponsored by North Country Brewing's Uncle Ray Searage's Bucco Blonde Ale... but it should be.

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June 29, 2015 @ 9:38 pm

Major League Baseball’s All-Star Conundrum

On this week's podcast, Andy and Jason discuss the Major League Baseball's All-Star problem with the Kansas City Royals as well as the new Home Run Derby rules.  Jason then talks about the successes of Jason Kipnis and Corey Kluber as well as the struggles of Lonnie Chisenhall and Jose Ramirez.  Andy then discusses the slow start of the Pittsburgh Pirates and how it has affected their playoff hopes in 2015, as well as Jung-ho Kang's adjustments and Gregory Polanco's lack of progress. They finish up talking about the Erie SeaWolves and their less than stellar season on the field, but incredibly fan-friendly ballpark.

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May 1, 2015 @ 8:49 pm

The Indians and Pirates Ups and Downs

On this week's Tri-State at the Plate, Andy and Jason talk about Edinboro Elementary student Jacob Haugh, who has raised nearly $3,000 for the Pirates charity Wins for Kids.  You can donate to the charity here and make sure to add 'Jacob Haugh' to your donation.

The show starts with Andy and Jason talking about the least controversial controversial topic that they can think of: the National League adopting the DH.  Andy then talks about the ups and downs of the Pirates' season so far: Starling Marte hitting for power, but not taking any walks.  The hitting not doing much of anything, but the pitching's stellar start.  Melancon's velocity is down and... well, there's no real upside to that.  Jason then makes some tater tots before he chimes in to discuss Cleveland's slow start and how the fans shouldn't be panicking.  Yet.  The duo finish up with a SeaWolves shout out that is Dean Green heavy this week.  

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February 22, 2015 @ 7:12 pm

Can Francisco Cervelli Effectively Affect the Effectiveness of Pitchers

Spring is in the air... if you're in Arizona or Florida that is.

Andy and Jason are in the best shape of their lives and they reported for this week's podcast!  It shows as they open up talking about meeting Jim Leyland and B.J. Upton's name change to Melvin Upton Jr.  Andy then talks about the Pittsburgh Pirates lineup in 2015 and how Francisco Cervelli could help all Pirates fans forget Russell Martin.  He also discusses the Pirates pitching and players who may need to make strides in 2015.  Jason then discusses Michael Bourn's hamstrings, Jason Kipnis's return to stardom, the two-spot in the Cleveland lineup, and Indians pitchers competing in sprint drills!

It's good to be back!
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June 19, 2014 @ 10:15 pm

BUCN TOOTBLAN and Other Acronyms

In the deafening absence of podcast co-host Jason Ruggiero, Tri-State at the Plate is pleased to welcome its newest co-host, Chris Bradley.  Chris joins Andy Burdick this week to talk about the unfortunate passing of one of the greatest hitters of a generation as well as a Clayton Kershaw no-hitter that may have been better than a perfect game.  The duo then discuss the Pirates TOOTBLAN issues, whether or not the Pirates should be buyers or sellers, as well as the Shark Tank's bullpen woes.  They also discuss the trade market in Cleveland before a SeaWolves Shout Out that is intentionally Steven Moya-heavy before concluding with Tweetmails from Buffalo, New York and central Pennsylvania.

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